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Seattle Republican 36th District
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Republican 36th Congressional district located in North Seattle; Belltown - Queen Anne - Magnolia - Phinney Ridge

Glenn Avery | 36th District Chair
Legislative 36th District Meeting
Meeting is open to public
Date October 23, 2014 Time 7:00 PM
Location: United Church of Christ
3555 West McGraw
Parlor Room (enter through door to right of main church entrance)

Mathew Partrick Thomas, 7th Congressional District Executive Board member, will be our guest.
Please join us for a discussion of the political scene and community developments.
Ballots are out and we will review the Voter's Pamphlet at this week's meeting. The Party has recommended:
NO on Initiative for 1351, WEA's issue to require smaller class sizes.
YES on Initiative 591 that forbids confiscation of arms without due process.
NO on Initiative 594 requiring background checks and record keeping on all firearms sales.
MAINTAINED on Senate Bill 6505, an advisory vote to keep excise taxes on marijuana rather than exempting it like agricultural food products.
MAINTAINED on Senate Bill 1287, an advisory vote to maintain a leasehold excise tax on property Native American tribes might buy outside Reservation boundaries.

36th District Endorsed candidate for the State Senate, Sarina Forbes
East Washington Wildfire Relief Drop-off Location Now Open or cash Donation!

King County ENDORSED CANDIDATES and Initiatives

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Thursday October 23
36th District meeting at 7:00 PM (Fourth Thursday) - Mathew Partrick Thomas, 7th Congressional District Executive Board member
Tuesday November 4
General Election voting
Tuesday November 18th
36th District & other districts Join meeting at 7:00 PM (Third Tuesday) - Fremont Library, 731 N 35th St, Seattle
Thursday December 25
Merry Christmas - (NO meeting)
Thursday January 22
36th District meeting at 7:00 PM (Fourth Thursday) - TBD

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